Ethical Hacking – Skills required, training, demand, and career opportunities in Bangalore

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As per Cybersecurity Ventures, global cybercrime losses will reach $10.5 trillion in 2025, according to India Today’s Web Desk. Employing ethical hackers is a tried-and-true strategy for helping organizations identify IT system vulnerabilities and develop solutions to secure them before hackers and other cybercriminals do.

In the current digital landscape, ethical hackers are in high demand because they are capable of identifying the loopholes in any organization and fixing them.

In order to build a robust digital infrastructure, ethical hacking has become a major driving force.


Why Do We Need Ethical Hacking?

In ethical hacking, a hacker searches for vulnerabilities in a system, application, or infrastructure so that he or she can exploit them. By lawfully breaking into networks and looking for vulnerabilities, they prevent cyberattacks and security breaches.

Organizations use the time-tested approach of hiring ethical hackers to identify IT system weaknesses and create security measures before hackers and other cybercriminals do so, risking millions of dollars. Ethical hackers are essential for the creation of a dynamic and uninterrupted digital infrastructure.


Skills Required to Become an Ethical Hacker

The following skills are essential for ethical hackers:

A deep understanding of security is essential
They should be qualified cybersecurity experts with a strong understanding of networks, security, and computer networks in order to be ethical hackers.

Knowledge of the organization in depth
You should be able to identify the attack strategies used to gain access to your organization’s private information as an ethical hacker.

Disperse the motives of hackers
In order to prevent vulnerabilities caused by hackers, ethical hackers are employed. When vulnerabilities are discovered early, ethical hackers may be able to fix them to prevent sensitive data from being exposed.

Journaling cybercrime findings
Ethical hackers must document all of their findings and potential risks properly. They are primarily responsible for accurately reporting flaws and vulnerabilities that pose a security risk to an organization.

Secure storage of confidential information
Hackers who adhere to ethical principles must keep their discoveries secret, never disclosing them to anyone. They should never agree to reveal their findings under any circumstances.


Ethical Hacking Career

It is possible for a graduate to find ethical hacking to be a lucrative career path. Ethical hacking offers attractive job opportunities and attractive salaries. Hackers can steal a wide range of information, such as business plans, emails, databases, etc.

These major attacks will require companies to hire individuals with exceptional ethical hacking skills, and the opportunities for these individuals will be numerous and evergreen.

The frequency of data breaches and the disclosure of business information has increased the demand for ethical hackers.

Onkar Sonawane, India’s youngest ethical hacker, is already making records online for his outstanding contribution to making a million youths cybersecurity-ready. In response to a question about why ethical hacking is so important today, he noted that every company needs stronger cyber security.

Nowadays, cyber vulnerabilities are ever-increasing in diverse industries. Therefore, ethical hacking is necessary to protect internet-based services.


How to do the training for it in Bangalore?

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