It would definitely be enthusiastic if help and assistance is available while visiting a foreign country to help you focus upon the actual task to be carried out. GITis determined to help you at each step with almost everything that you will requirefor successfully attending, participating and completing your training programs. Our trained and experienced personnel are available for any assistance and advicefor making your stay enjoyable and safe. The level of education determines the growth of a country and India is emerging as a rapid- growing economy. Millions of highly-skilled IT professionals are produced each year putting the country in the forefront of the current global digital age. India offers a multi-cultural, tolerant, inclusive environment and well developed social urban infrastructure with enabling environment for foreigners to study, settle or business in the country. World-class facilities available at affordable prices has made India one of the world’s most sought after IT-training hubs while its warm hospitality towards foreigners makes it a highly preferred choice.

To know more about India, please visit website (International Version available in Japanese, French, Chinese, Korean, German, Italian and Dutch at present). The Website provides all the required information about India, its culture, tourism and visa-related information.

Foreign Nationals desirous of coming into India are required to possess a valid passport of their country and a valid Indian Visa. The below details is only for information. You are requested to contact the nearest Indian Mission (Embassy/ High Commission/ Consulate) or visit their websites for up-to- date information regarding visas, fees, procedures, etc

Visa Guidance :

Generally the following documents are required for obtaining Indian Visa. However, the requirement may vary from country to country.

Training with GIT :

  • Original passport valid for at least 6 months
  • Visa fee
  • Two passport size photographs
  • Supporting documents, where necessary
  • Duly completed application form

Accommodation Facility

Participants can therefore choose from a variety of options for their stay in India Bengaluru. On request, we offer assistance to all outstation students to find a place to stay while studying with us.

Please find below the accommodation facilities at different levels, be it hostel facilities, serviced apartments or budget/star hotels. The choice of accommodation is left to the student and cost is as actuals paid directly to the hostel/serviced apartment/hotel.

Oriental Suites

Distance from GIT IT Academy: 1.0 km

Pai International Hotel

Distance from GIT IT Academy: 1.5 km

La Marvella

Distance from GIT IT Academy: 3.5 km

GIT’s means real-world experience that translates from the classroom to the job with ease. Our Vendor-Certified instructors have expertise with the most advanced technologies and can explain each at a level that ensures each student gains the knowledge and skills to immediately impact their productivity. Plus, GIT’s offers a variety of Foundation & advance Courses led by our Vendor Certified Instructors which will prepare you for use of the latest technologies.

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